Kratos PRO 4D Gaming Throne (Black)

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Tech Specs
Colinse 4DS System Embedded
Pre-embedded on the KRATOS, the 4DS101 Physical Dimension Tactile System is specially designed with dual unique 8-cell rechargeable lithium battery driven high-performance 200W transducers.
The 4DS101 integrates an amplifier, multimedia system and power system into one compact powerhouse box.

How does it work?
4DS’s built-in DSP works like a simultaneous language translator, converting any incoming audio like gunshots, cannon fire, explosions, crashes, or even delicate footsteps, into corresponding vibrational (tactile/haptic feedback) wave patterns you can feel in your body instantly.
This allows you to live the action of your games by transmitting a 4th dimension to your body.

Enjoy Kratos 4D throne with your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, IOS device, Android device, TV and more! As long as your connection supports Bluetooth or auxiliary(AUX) audio you are good to go!

Plug and Play
Notwithstanding its complex system design, the 4DS system in Kratos has the simplicity of plug-n-play intuitive operation.

Versatile Audio Source Selection
The 4DS101 connects to Bluetooth, USB, AUX input and TV wireless streaming selections.

Stylish and Elegant Design
The frame is built to withstand powerful vibrations from the 4DS system and holds up well over time, even for long play action.

Unparalleled Ergonomic Design
Adjust, lock and retrieve your preferred sturdy recline angle with a 135º posture-bracing chair back, complete with automatic restore feature.Dial-in your ideal position with the firm, adjustable armrests. The aluminum-alloy high load-bearing 5-claw rolling base provides additional stability.

High Power Tactile Transducer
This 100Watt peak power transducer generates lifelike vibrational effects translated directly from your audio sources.
Long-Lasting Lithium Battery
The reliable lithium battery pack provides 4 hours of intense bass effects.
Kratos PRO 4D Gaming Throne (Black)
$ 1595.00$ 0.00